Innovative Methods of Education


When I was a student, I used to believe that teachers would simply waltz into a class, and start talking to us about their subject without actually bothering to make a plan for the day. It all seemed natural. It was only later that I realized this wasn’t exactly true. Teaching a lesson involved a long series of lesson plans, lots of headaches – and countless educational methods to make sure the kids won’t be falling asleep on their desks.

The Man with the Plan

When you are a student that focuses on creative writing and literature, you eventually make peace with the fact that you can either become a teacher or a book writer – or maybe even both. That’s why my colleague and I decided to also take a teaching class while we were in college – and boy, were we thrown back by it.

First of all, you’ll learn that no class can ever go without a lesson plan. Forget the inspectors that might just barge in to check how things are going; as a beginner, you need that plan to make sure that you don’t freeze or don’t proceed too fast. Everything in that plan is calculated by the minute.

Similarly, the plan is there to ensure that you don’t bore your students to death. You need to find ways to stimulate their creativity – to make them want to get involved. You can start by bringing in some audio and video tools, which will develop their ability to listen.

Brainstorming is also an effective method to make an order in the mess from their heads. Even the best writer needs to learn how to brainstorm their ideas – and this should generally be taught to you as early as possible.

Also, never underestimate a child’s ability to get bored in class – which is why you should never go with the same thing twice. Whenever you make a daily plan for a class, make sure you welcome the new ideas. Being a teacher in this day and age means that you have to be open-minded about an idea – even though it may look strange to you in the beginning.

Sharing Is Caring

There’s only so much that you can learn in college about education. In our case, whenever we had essays to turn in, we would look to the internet. Particularly, to the blogs of those people that already have experience in the area. We did notice, however, that there was a lack of blogs concerning the teaching of literature and writing. Once we got our teaching degrees took charge of our own classes, we decided to share our experience with others who are still learning this in college.