About us


Usually, when it comes to running a blog, there is just one person coming in with thoughts and feelings. In this case, one person just wouldn’t cut it, so there are two of us working behind the scenes – Emma and Taylor. Complete with our diploma in our hand, not only did we enter the world as hardworking members of the society, but we also want to make sure we’re as helpful to others as we possibly can.

There are three things that we love to do: we love to read, we love to write, and we love to teach. We are already teaching through our blog, considering there are various tips and useful articles lying around. We believe that the teaching sessions don’t just stop in the classroom; they go way beyond that. They go beyond restless rants from a textbook – rants which actually make students lose interest very fast.

Our purpose is to find innovative teaching methods that will keep the students hooked on the topic – that will make them want to get involved. As much as some people may hate to admit it, old teaching methods are “boring” and “outdated” – which is why a successful professor will always bring something new to the table.

We’re not claiming to be experts – but as we are gaining experience in the field, we want to share our thoughts on writing, literature, and other similar things. Our belief is that someone can never stop learning, and they will continue to do so even after they start teaching themselves – just like it’s happening with us.