Literature Review, Somatization, Epidemiology, Etiology and Individual Factors

Physical or rather somatic symptoms are common among the adolescents as well as among children. I asked to write my essay about it best online writers. So what about their research project? The disorder may affect even adult people especially the working lot. Research indicates that there are many ways in which psychological and physical symptoms interact and under normal circumstances, there is no illness that is purely psychological or physical since it is impossible to separate the minds from the body.  In most cases, the patients show repeated physical symptoms that are medically unexplained. The aspect affects the normal functioning of the individual. Research indicates that in most cases the victim feels relentless as the symptoms are recurrent. The aspect makes him or her to fail in attending the normal duties and this affects the economic growth at large.


Somatization refers to a constellation of clinical as well as behavioral features that a person is either experiencing psychological distress or physical illness that can’t be accounted for medically. The aspect means that the physicians as well as the victims can’t identify the exact cause of the symptoms. The physicians are in most cases left in dilemmas as the condition mimics other diseases. The patient thus receives medication from time to time which doesn’t fully help him or her recover. The pressure of taking drugs as well as not recovering makes the victim to lose hope in medication and the aspect worsen the condition. The victim may end up shifting from one physician to another as well as receiving treatments of certain condition from one health facility to the other. It is worth noting that in somatization, the aspect of producing these symptoms is not under social control. However, among the young people as well as children, the establishment of the level of conspicuous control is somewhat difficult.

Somatoform disorders usually presents repeated primary care by healthcare practitioners. The aspect is due to the fact that the symptoms are not associated to any psychological cause. The disease burdens the entire society. The parents of the suffering patients spend most of their resources as well as time to take care of their ill kids. The fact that the symptoms are recurrent makes these parents to consult different physicians. The aspect makes them lose more funds. In most cases, the parents don’t report in their work places as they seek medication ion behalf of their kids. In the long run more working days are lost. The parents of these victims are then pressured by the issue of reporting for their duties as well as the sickling children. The parents are then affected by similar symptoms that are in most cases stress related. The parents then take sick –off leaves of fails to report for their duties. The organization in the long run fails to meet its potential target as some of her key players are ill. Such loss of days as well as resources affects the entire economy as well. The aspect is due to the fact that the employers who should be working remain absent due to illness. The workers who are left in the premises at the end are pressures by the increased work load. If the situation persists, the working lot may be affected due to the increased pressure. In the long run, lack of enough rest as well as stress may cause the working lot to experience similar symptoms that may force them not to attend their duties. The disease thus becomes detrimental to each and every person in the economy.


Little information is known about the exact cause as well as the prevalence of somatoform disorders. However, the epidemiologies of the disorder that are related to somatization are general and unexplained medically. The most common somatic symptoms include abdominal pains, muscular and joint pains, headaches as well as general body weakness. The worst part of the disorder is that the symptoms are recurrent even after inductive treatment. In many nations, somatization is linked to low social economic status. In Germany, more than 12% of people aged 14-24 years are reported to have suffered in one of the somatic disorders.  In the US, young people as well as children are reported to be mostly affected by this disorder. It appears as if there are uneven distributions of the chronic syndromes of the disorder across the western countries. In most cases, pain as well as the undifferentiated disorders starts in childhood as well as on early adolescence. The abdominal pains frequencies increase as one age. Among the working lot in the society, headaches as well as muscle and joint pain are common. It is worth noting that most of these somatic symptoms as well as disorders occur more in women than they do to men.


There are a number of factors that causes somatization.  A number of family, individual as well as environmental have been associated with the predisposing as well as precipitating causes of somatization. In most cases, people with conscientious, sensitive or anxious feelings are vulnerable to somatization.

Individual Factors

People with a history of emotional labiality as well as anxiety are at a high risk of developing this disorder.  Among many individuals, the precipitating factors of these symptoms include social stressors such as comments from school or at work places. In most cases, objective stressors are not severe. However, when they are combined with anxiety temperament, they are interpreted with more severe symptoms of somatization. There should be careful consideration given to the existence of other common stressors such as school related stress or work- related stress as well as abuse. It is worth noting that previous abuse or even stress may be a precipitating effect that can increase the risk of somatization.  Researchers indicate that the maintenance of somatization symptoms can be mediated by traits that are temperamental to the victim. People who have a difficulty in adjusting these to these traits should be helped in an attempt of lowering the risk of developing the condition.