Innovation News and Links

Tällberg Forum video website
J Kao presenting at Tällberg Forum 2008 on “How”

AAAS – AAAS News Release – “Experts Say States, Foundations and Financiers Attempting to Fill the U.S. Innovation Policy Vacuum”

Innovation Nation: How America is … – Google Book Search
Google book posting for Innovation Nation

Small-town America: The new Bangalore? | The Journal Gazette

Two New Books On Innovation And How To Think Like An Innovator.

Technology Blog – The Tech Observer by Kevin Maney: Cool Guy, Another Innovation Book –

Bill Gates Gets Schooled

America Isn’t Ready [Here’s What To Do About It] – July 25, 2005

How Denmark Paved Way To Energy Independence –

Report Finds U.S. Students Lagging in Finishing College – New York Times